GoDaddy’s Knowledge Graph Playing Up

Posted on April 22, 2014 in SEO

I just Google’d “GoDaddy” to check on one of my domains (FYI my usual registrar is Namecheap, despite not personally having any issues in the past with GoDaddy, but this is an odd domain out) and noticed that their Google knowledge graph stuff was looking a bit odd:

Screenshot 2014-04-22 19.23.49


It looks like some form of structured data, which as we know is what knowledge graph uses to display information in the search results sidebar. I’m not exactly sure what language it is though? It’s being taken from Wikipedia, so let’s Google the content of the corrupt knowledge graph and see what happens:


Screenshot 2014-04-22 19.32.49


Checking out the wikipedia source for this info doesn’t yield any interesting results, which seems very odd considering that meta description is taken direct from the web page.

Not really sure what’s happened here, and I don’t even think it matters to be honest. Just thought I’d document it here for future reference.

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