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Posted on January 29, 2013 in Projects

This post is a continuation of this post.

Bought domain from namecheap. carpentryhq.com – I quite like the domain (even though I’m not interested in carpentry even in the slightest!). Surprised it’s available!

Transferred DNS to 1and1 hosting account.

Cloned local repo for /carpentryhq/ from Github account. Created /carpentryhq/ directory in 1and1 FTP.

Bonus: While I was sorting out the Git repo etc, I decided to use a very simple template I made previously. This is by no means a framework, just something I’ve made quick recently. (just has basic design, plus bootstrap, some fonts, LESS, and header/footer includes) Feel free to use and modify it yourself – https://github.com/joetann/quick-simple-website

To set up GIT with 1and1 & Github:

Then to deploy:

  • Make all changes locally
  • Commit changes
  • Sync with Github
  • SSH into 1and1 your newly cloned directory on the server
  • git pull

Almost forgot – need to point the domain to the correct server directory from the 1and1 control panel. Done.

Bought email marketing monthly plan from Mailchimp ($10/m).

Note: Silly me couldn’t get 1and1 IMAP working with Mac Mail client. If anyone has the same problem… Make sure you have the actual email address as username, not just the [THIS]@email.com.

Pages I need to make:

  • Homepage (email lead)
  • Thank you (check email) (link to clickbank offer)
  • Email confirmed (download link) (link to clickbank offer)

Emails I need to make:

  • Confirm email subscription
  • Thanks for subscribing
  • Download PDF
  • [autoresponder + 1 day] Offer
  • [autoresponder + 3 days] Offer

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