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Posted on October 21, 2013 in Projects, Startups, Web Design, Web Dev

Ok that sounds much cooler than what is actually is. I’ve had my first theme accepted onto Themeforest! It’s for the Ghost blogging platform, and is called MeSquared. Yours to buy for only $16.00 🙂

It was made a a little bit of a hurry in order to be a winner in Themeforest’s “Most wanted” competition. The first 10 authors to have a Ghost theme accepted onto the site win $250 each. The next 10 winners win $100. I was lucky number #6, so in a few weeks I’ll have $250 being sent to me courtesy of Themeforest.

Overall it’s been a really cool experience having something accepted onto TF. There’s a bunch of stuff that gets pushed to the back of your mind whilst your developing the theme. For example, all the different graphics you need for the site, the theme documentation (required!), and not to mention hosting the theme yourself somewhere. I hosted MeSquared on a cheap VPS as a stop-gap. I’ve since moved a bunch of other stuff over too like this blog and another Ghost theme I’ve made (which I haven’t yet submitted) called Polar.

I spent the last 2 hours tonight migrating this WordPress blog from 1and1 shared hosting onto a now fairly secure Ubuntu VPS with Nginx as my webserver. Since I’ve got my Themeforest theme hosted on the same server it made sense to stick with Nginx, not to mention the fact that it’s been quite fun getting to learn Nginx.

I’ll post an update when/if my new Ghost theme gets accepted 🙂

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